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Leadership Program and Development

Building a Youth Platform for
Developing Leaders through Sports

Transformational Change Project (TCP)
  • TCP provides various team building activities with positive outcomes for the players and Strikers FC.
  • Strikers FC’s goal is to develop a change within an organization and develop visionary leaders through collaboration, innovation, positive influence and strategic thinking
  • Please contact Gabriella Oseguera, the lead on the project at 714-300-4224 for direction on how to move forward with activities.

Leadership Development Program

Social & Environmental Scan

  • Lack of leadership opportunities - the unknown
  • Social Media pressures
  • Lack of mentors
  • Lack of resources from schools, athletics, parents and friends
  • Financial reasons
  • Cultural reasons

Ideas for (KOL) Speakers in their field

  • Parents want transformational leadership development. Mentors! Positive Influence.
  • Education on new laws.
  • Drugs and alcohol.
  • Development of personal vision and goals.
  • Career and educational paths.
  • Mindfulness practices.
  • Money management.
  • Healthy choices and living.

Community Involvement Program

Social & Environmental Scan

  • Pressures of Social Media, girlfriends and boyfriends - lack of leadership skills.
  • Lack of opportunity in school.
  • Parents have NO time.
  • Lost in the shuffle - no guidance.
  • Lack of involvement in volunteer work within the community.
  • It takes a village to raise our children.

Community ideas - age appropriate

  • Meals on Wheels.
  • Boys and Girls Club.
  • Donations - clothes etc.
  • Food Drives - Local Food Shelters.
  • Animal Shelters.
  • Stuffing Backpacks.
  • Shoe Drive.
  • Mentoring Programs.
  • Holiday Volunteer Programs.
  • South Orange County Outreach Program -

Get Involved!
  • Reach out to your Team Manager- express interest.
  • We welcome ALL ideas.
  • Reach out to Gabriella Oseguera, the lead of the project or call for help 714-300-4224
  • Reach out to Roger Sr. and Roger Jr. for tips on how to get involved.