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History being made -- Our boys played their game at the Salford field where Ryan Giggs played his youth football. The pavilion behind was built after WW2 and is the original changing room for both football and cricket. The real significance was that Sir Alex Ferguson first saw Ryan at this field, mentioned it in his book, and signed him to Manchester United in that Pavilion. The table where he signed is still there today. Sir Alex likened Ryan to “a piece of tin foil in the wind” as he was so elusive as a player.



Selecting a Soccer Club

I’m often asked by parents about how to select a good soccer club for their son or daughter. There are many variables to consider when choosing, and it pays dividends in the long run to take your time and carefully evaluate the clubs you’re considering.

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NEW! Recruit over Develop

It is an ongoing discussion in the soccer world: does a club concentrate on recruiting as a priority? I believe it is crucial to recruit at the entry age but if the clubs model works, that necessity should tail off. Player development, however, should never stop.

Has the Love for the Game Been Taken Away?

I have begun to ask the questions, “Are the players playing football for enjoyment, or just doing what they have always done every weekend?"

It's a Thinking Game

In my youth, the players who moved to the next level were the ones who were not only extremely combative in the game but also calm on the ball.

Training Two Teams Together

We have applied the multi-team training approach to one of our age groups and it is beginning to pay dividends. The one aspect that has improved is tactical, and patterns of play. Already the two teams are playing to the same system.




Quality over Quantity  |  Qualified Coaches with USSF Licensing  |  Stable Environment for Developing Players


Player Development First

At Strikers FCMV we have a clearly defined philosophy of player development which is reflected in our staff structure. Our coaches are required to work as a unit, not as individuals, de-emphasizing single teams and focusing on the health of the club in general, and the development of the players specifically.

We follow a structured, age-appropriate, USSF coaching curriculum with tiered development levels for the various stages of player education. We focus on fundamental skills development for the younger teams, moving on to tactical and strategic play for the middle range, and ending with highly synchronized team play at the top level. All the while we maintain team interaction and pride of belonging.

Technical training for players will be ongoing through extra sessions, camps, and position-specific clinics. Every player in the club is encouraged to attend other teams’ training sessions to gain cross-coaching experience. Further, any position-specific clinics are open to players in every position.

College advising is available for players wishing to be recruited. Many of our coaches also coach at the High School level, including 5 varsity coaches from 5 local high schools, making them uniquely qualified to perform this function.


Coaching for Long-Term Goals: Performance versus Wins/Losses

Roger Jr

Our coaches focus on performance and team unity with the longer term goal of player development in view. Although we do play each game to win, wins and losses can be subject to the vagrancies of the day — ref calls, weather, missing players, etc.. These are not valid indicators of the quality of a team.

Flighting will be de-emphasized since most of our teams play 40-50 games per season, with League games accounting for only one third. Thus the function of League play will be to develop and prepare our teams for higher levels of play — NPL, CRL, National League and National Cup.

Although we fully understand the parental need to win as a barometer to measure success, that pressure is on the shoulders of the coaching staff, not the players. Further, no player will be blamed for a loss, and no player will be given credit for a win. We win and lose as a team.

Soccer is a cruel game and sometimes we do not get what we deserve. But playing full out, doing your job, working hard as a team and giving your best — these are things to be proud of, regardless of the final score. And focusing on the long-term goal of player development will yield much more significant results than individual wins and losses.


Focus on Tools and Education for Coaches

Strikers FCMV is a coach-driven club, and we make sure our coaches have the tools they need to succeed.  We provide coaching education, club-maintained facilities and technical help. We encourage our coaches to be nationally licensed, and they are 100%. This is all to the benefit of players since qualified, trained coaches are better coaches.

We promote togetherness and a team mentality among our coaches. We encourage our coaches to get involved with training and games at all levels. We do not require them to win at all cost to keep their job, thus allowing them the freedom to focus on players, team-building, and player development  - the reason most coaches get into coaching in the first place.

We do not want to lose sight of our key product: developing soccer players to their full potential.


Club Roots and Pride of Belonging

Team Spirit

We seek to give our players roots within our Club through our team coaching methodology, our vision for club unity and togetherness, and our focus on each player's development, careful guidance and opportunity to learn.

Representing one’s club is the fabric of football worldwide. Our players regain the importance of this as they are a part of the entire Strikers FC MV family, and represent themselves and us each time they step onto the pitch.




Roger Castle, Sr. 
President, Strikers FC Mission Viejo

Roger Castle , Jr.
Director of Coaching, Strikers FC Mission Viejo




June 2018 - Hearty congratulations to Coach Leon Zavalkov for his double accomplishments this month. Leon attended a USSF Coaches Training Course where he earned his National "C" Coaching License.

Coach Leon was also promoted to Head Varsity Coach at Laguna Hills High School, making him Strikers MV's 8th high school varsity coach.



June 2018 - Strikers Coach Jimmy Turner has just been appointed to Laguna Hills High School Assistant Varsity Coach. He joins our many other coaches in being committed and involved at the high school level in Saddleback and Capistrano Valley. Congratulations, Coach Jimmy!



✓  100% USSF Licensed

✓  8 Division 1 High School Coaches

✓  7 D1 HS Varsity Coaches

✓  5 Local High Schools

El Toro HS, Mission Viejo HS,

Capistrano Valley HS

Tesoro HS, Laguna Hills HS


With experience coaching both Club and High School, our Strikers FCMV coaching staff is uniquely qualified to help players who want to advance to college soccer.

We encourage our club players to participate in high school soccer, to represent their schools with pride, and to experience the excitement of playing in front of a stadium crowd.

To learn more about our coaches, visit our COACHING STAFF page.



AUGUST 2018 - Our Annual General Meeting was standing room only -- thank you to all the parents, players and coaches in attendance.

Last weekend’s tournament successes: three of five teams appeared in the finals.

For further details and photos go to the NEWS page.



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